My album Meditations has been released! Preview it here: MEDITATIONS
Available for digital download wherever you prefer to get your music!
Meditations album cover by Michelle Qureshi


6 thoughts on “New Release: MEDITATIONS

    • Hello Neil, although I have been trained in theory, I don’t view it as something one should regret if lacking! After all, theory is just there to explain why sounds work together, but our ears and imagination are the most important tools, in my experience. I taught myself to play guitar as a teenager. I enrolled in a conservatory at 20 and there I learned theory, etc., but prior to that I still enjoyed improvising. This many years later, I rarely think in notes when playing, just in sounds and gestures. Thanks for your comment! ~Michelle

      • Michelle, thank you for your fast response;
        Quite right. Our brains/senses drive the creative process, not the theoretical structure. I think my main regret is not being able to communicate with the many others who respond for the most part to the ‘written note.’ That is, I cannot transcribe my creations into scores for them to play or re-arrange my music.
        Keep up the good work.

  1. Yes, that can be a limitation. But I also treat improvisations as something for the moment-not desiring to necessarily transcribe or repeat it, but just experience it. I’ve been using my Instagram account in this way for a while now-I build mini-pieces around improvised loops and at some point in the performance record one of the loops as I video it. It lasts just for this exercise. Sometimes part of the idea stays with me and develops into something more, but most of them are just a snapshot of me thinking and feeling in music within the moment. Please have a look if curious.

  2. Yes I see/hear. Thanks.
    I am not as well organized as you! Themes come and go, most not captured. I occasionally use the doh re me (solfege to the well educated?) to record on scraps of paper. I should rig my laptop to the Yamaha piano with a midi link but …………………
    Keep that musical imagination and skill going and thank you for taking the time to share.

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