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Michelle Qureshi is a composer, multi‐instrumentalist, and classically trained guitarist, who writes and performs in various musical styles that combine her instrumental artistry with her passion for creating. Her music is described as enchanting and healing, as mysterious and mesmerizing, drawn with delicate, soulful sounds, as well as vibrant and energizing. She performs her music at festivals, house concerts, yoga studios, art galleries, and special events. It is broadcast on radio stations throughout the world and licensed on a global platform. Michelle's albums include: Scattering Stars (2016) Margalla Hills (2015) Meditations (2014) Suite Beats (2014) Flow (2014) Illumination (2012) Of Light (2012). For more about her music, please visit http://www.michellequreshi.com.

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Feeling Healing Music

Dreaming of Wings photo As a composer of music that sometimes is described as healing, I was recently asked by a wise friend about how I find closure in a piece. To be sure, when we create, whether music, poetry, a painting, we are healing something within ourselves. And that “something” I’ve learned almost always resonates with others and offers them a healing experience similar to that of our own. In the sharing lies connection, that powerful exchange, in which music is so beautifully alive for us!
But during this particular conversation, the topic came up due to my concern about feeling unable to “finish” new music for my next album. Yes, it’s all been recorded, and mixed and re-mixed and changed subtlety again and again and…yes, it’s becoming a problem. And then my friend posed the question “Are you unable to let go of this music because it is still healing you?” I sat with that question for weeks. Nothing really ever is done or complete or final in the sense that time holds us in a constant state of change, which changes everything. But maybe we just point to a moment in time that says “this is here, now” and send it out to be felt, experienced, witnessed and free. Earlier this month I gave myself wings. I believe it’s time to do the same with this new music. MQwings2018


It’s Friday the 13th and New Music Friday so I’m keen to announce that my remastered album Flow is available today exclusively at bandcamp and it’s free (or name your price) as a thank you for your kind support! Add this album to your digital music collection, and shop my other releases while you are there! In Peace, Michelle

Inside the Lightbox

Today my new single is out on streaming and digital music platforms: Inside the Lightbox

“Michelle’s skill and imagination has created a mysterious world of light and atmosphere which she has neatly put into a swirling wall of sound so detailed and rich it should be danced in. Discover Michelle’s new single and dance your way – Inside the Lightbox.”
from Mary Bartlein Host/Producer Instrumental Saturdays

Inside the Lightbox Michelle Qureshi