Lovely Light

From the album Silver Chord here is Lovely Light

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Short Stories

In this collection of seventeen sweet and poignant guitar tales, a variety of sounds on the acoustic guitar are explored then translated to tunes from my heart.  “The heart is a thousand stringed instrument that can only be tuned with love” ~Hafiz

Hear Short Stories

Stream or download this album from most digital platforms.

Short_Stories Album


It’s Friday the 13th and New Music Friday so I’m keen to announce that my remastered album Flow is available today exclusively at bandcamp and it’s free (or name your price) as a thank you for your kind support! Add this album to your digital music collection, and shop my other releases while you are there! In Peace, Michelle

Inside the Lightbox

Today my new single is out on streaming and digital music platforms: Inside the Lightbox

“Michelle’s skill and imagination has created a mysterious world of light and atmosphere which she has neatly put into a swirling wall of sound so detailed and rich it should be danced in. Discover Michelle’s new single and dance your way – Inside the Lightbox.”
from Mary Bartlein Host/Producer Instrumental Saturdays

Inside the Lightbox Michelle Qureshi