Guitar as Therapy

Take this journey with me… On a regular basis I bring my music to the hospital for a program called “The Healing Arts of Music” where I set up in the atrium and improvise a couple of hours of guitar music to create a calm and peaceful ambience to counter the often stressful experiences felt by patients, staff, and visitors.


There Lightly

Watch the video here for “There Lightly” from the new album “Seventh Wave”.

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Sharing this review of Seventh Wave from “Improvijazzation Nation” by Dick Metcalf. “Michelle Qureshi – SEVENTH WAVE:  Michelle’s work was very pleasant to listen to when I reviewed her 2016 album in issue # 163, and it’s even more enchanting on her new July 2017 release… the one word of advice I’ll offer right up front, though… be SURE you listen to this with your headphones on for your first sitting… as you absorb the enchantment she weaves for your ears on pieces like “Page of Cups“, you’ll understand why I say that – simple, yet beautiful.  The vibrant sonic waves on “Radiant Ones” will make your spirit soar with the joy of being and her shift to vocal at the 1:17 mark is a perfect change.  It was music much like this that my therapist (another story, far too long to tell here) recommended… full of innovation and imagination.  You get just over an hour’s worth of sonic beauty… for this reviewer, it is the full-tilt energy and beautiful tones on “We Were Once Like This” that made it my personal choice for favorite of the thirteen songs offered up for your aural enlightenment.  Michelle’s new album is one you will want to have in your collection, and it gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99.  Learn more about this fascinating and talented artist at the Michelle Qureshi website.        Rotcod Zzaj” Review Site

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