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How to Make a Mix of Your Music

With numerous sites available to upload your original music, there remains a tedious aspect for the would be listener. Sometimes the ordeal of downloading a two minute song takes at least the same amount of time to download as it does to just listen to it. And even if your download goes smoothly and you want to listen in the background to some original music while you open another tab and make the rounds through your favorite sites, how far can you get before the song is over and you need to click to play another song? Well, with that in mind, I have made a few mixes of my original work which consist of eight or nine pieces stitched together into one longer, continuous piece.

To make a mix in this way, use any audio program, from the free, open source Audacity, to the modestly priced Acid Music Studio. Import each song onto its own track. Draw your song “event” in the order you wish it to play. Keep in mind the flow between the pieces with regard to tempo, key, timbre, and mood. Your aural judgment is the best guide. Listen repeatedly to the sections where one song fades to the next. Incorporate fading in and out between the tracks, and listen for volume fluctuations between songs. Once you have a group of songs successfully mixed, render the whole thing as an mp3 file and you’re ready to upload it, just as you would any song. Then relax, listen and open a new window to make your usual rounds through your favorite sites.